Natural ways to increase your penis length.

Naturally enlarging the penis is the dream of many men all over the world. Motivations include boosting confidence, improving aesthetic appeal, and being able to satisfy women better in the bedroom. We’ll explore the various methods available and you can decide which one is best suited to you.

There are plenty of techniques to, supposedly, make the penis "grow".

Some of them are:

1. Penis Weightlifting

This is an ancient method, pioneered in Japan. It's literally about tying weights and letting them hang around your penis. The force of gravity is supposed to make it stretch. They say that the ancient samurai, as well as the African and Indian tribes, exercised the male reproductive apparatus by hanging weights on the glans. This method does work, but it can be quite uncomfortable and even dangerous if overdone.

2. Hand Stretch Method

This is a simple method consisting of stretching the penis by hand. It involves pulling the penis glands for 4-5 minutes then resting for minutes, then repeating twice. It must be done gently and gradually to avoid damaging the penis tissue.

Kegel Exercises for Men

Although this won’t actually increase the penis size, it will help to increase control over sexual function. It is always a very safe method and can be beneficial to do as you age to help control bladder function.

These exercises are very effective for women, and in men, it is shown to help strengthen the pelvic floor, which helps to improve the quality and angle of erection. They were invented by Dr. Arnold Kegel and the steps are as following.

1. Find your Kegel muscle. When urinating, contract the muscles to slow down or stop the flow of urine. Those are the muscles of your pelvic bone.

2. Since you have now placed it, try to shrink it and keep it tight.

3. Loosen and repeat the exercise. That’s it!

What to conclude? The big question is: do these exercises serve to lengthen the penis?

Although many men have claimed to have gotten results from these exercises... there is no scientific evidence to show that it is possible to lengthen the penis with any kind of stretching movements.
In the case of Kegel exercises, they can help you to improve the hardness of your erection and make your ejaculation stronger.

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